Why You Should Save Your Old Greeting Cards

There is just something special about a handwritten card.  Cards connect us to a person, a time, a memory, a sentiment in a way unlike any other mode of communication. Even better, cards can be saved or repurposed to live a second life and bring even more joy.

Whether you like to save or repurpose, there are some great ways greeting cards can continue to live on and spread joy. Here are some spectacularly creative reasons why and how you should save your greeting cards.

Make Journals Out of Them

Collect all of your cards together and group them in to years, or by the sender. Place them in a scrapbooking journal and add your own thoughts and memories to go the card for a wonderful keepsake. You can even give to the sender sometime later to show how much their cards mean to you.

Brighten Up Someone’s Day

There are many people in the community that do not have loved ones, are shut in, or could otherwise use your kind thoughts. One way to bring some joy is to repurpose the tops of greeting cards into postcards and send them to friends that can use a lift.

Send Them to the Troops

Our military troops deserve our thoughts and support. What better way to demonstrate we care than by sending a quick postcard repurposed from a greeting card?

Turn Them into a New Card

If you are on the creative and crafty side, use the old cards to create new ones. Images can be cut out, reconfigured and glued to a new backing for a fabulous new design.

Organize Them

Rather than throwing them in a drawer and letting them get lost, save them neatly in card organizers. By using card organizers, you can save all of the wonderful memories safely so you can pass them along as a wonderful chronicle of your history.

Scan Them

If you do not have the space or desire to save them, scanning them lets you do both. Scan your cards and save the images then take the physical cards and repurpose them. This way, the card continues to share love and is forever saved in the cloud.

Create Art

Cards are already beautiful and make lovely creations. Consider taking your old cards and making them into something new. There are simple ideas, like bookmarks, gift tags, and ornaments to very complex art projects, like paper mosaics. Though not in the original form, the cards retain their meaning and the new work has even more meaning.

It is no secret that we love cards here at Current, and for good reason. Cards hold and commemorate life’s most special memories. With these cool ideas, you can help those cards and their cherished memories live on.