Why Current Will be the Last Place your Shop for Wrapping Paper

Floral Wrapping Paper Anyone who has ever wrapped gifts knows that it is not always an easy project, and the quality of the paper really does matter.  Large or oddly shaped objects present a huge challenge, as do objects that are boxed with “peek” openings that, once wrapped are easily poked through. Low quality wrapping paper can easily wrinkle or rip so the initial placement of the gift on the paper is important or you will end up with a rumpled mess.

When it comes to wrapping gifts, the quality of the paper makes all the difference in how easy it is to work with and the presentation.  That’s why so many people love working with Current’s line of high quality wrapping paper.

Luxuriously Thick Wrapping Paper

Professional gift wrappers use high quality, thick wrap like that offered by Current. Not only does this highlight the gift, but high quality gift wrap is easier and faster to use. With thin paper, the wrapper has to constantly worry about corners punching though, perfect placement, and then handling.  Current’s heavyweight paper is easier to handle, resists wear and tear, and the smooth surface tolerates an occasional re-taping for those rare times when you “miss the mark”. With thicker wrapping paper, there is no wrinkling or punch-through. The wrapper can achieve tight corners and the sharp, beautiful folds that define quality paper.

Chevron Wrapping Paper Unique designs

Having a selection of unique wrapping paper designs that follow popular design trends also makes working with Current wrapping paper fun and easy. Rather than having to choose from only a few common designs and trying to make them work for every occasion of recipient, you can find the Current wrapping paper that truly reflects all of the elements of the recipient, gift, and occasion. Matching and contrasting designs in sheets and on the roll also make wrapping multiple gifts easy.

Tiered Pricing

Many people opt for low quality paper because they think it is more affordable. Current offers comparatively priced thick, high quality paper so consumers never have to settle for less. With tiered pricing, the prices for even just a three roll purchase make Current wrapping paper the affordable choice.

Butterfly Gift Wrap Accessories Gift Wrap Accessories

Once wrapped, Current’s lines of gift wrap accessories help complete the package professionally and with style. In addition to offering matching note cards, tags, and gift bags for many styles, current offers festive patterned bows and ribbons that perfectly coordinate to the wrapping paper designs, adding to that professionally wrapped look.

With Current gift wrap, you can complement the perfect gift with beautifully unique styles that help add that special festive element important to every celebration.

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