What your Check Personality Says About You

Personality tests are a fun tool in revealing some of the deeper qualities of our character, but we think there’s an easier way—from bright and vibrant to sweet and subtle, your choice in personal checks reveals a lot about your personality. While completely unscientific (but seriously fun), we think you will love what your checks say about you.

Here are a few fun examples of how personal checks reveal our personality.

Animal Checks

Animal checks are very popular and speak volumes about your personality. Wildlife checks reveal your appreciation for the drama of nature and majesty of the beasts that roam and rule the earth. You love freedom and the outdoors. You take your leadership cues from the king of the jungle, but remember that the sweetness of little cuddles go a long way in making life wonderful.  Cute kitten and puppy checks speak of your soft side. You’ve been known to watch more than a few cute kitten videos on the internet. (Really, who can resist them?)

Military Checks

Military checks share much more than your service, or the service of someone you love. They also speak of your patriotism and deep respect of the life enjoyed in America.  You are the first to show your respect for those that have served, and your country. You fly your flag proudly with the knowledge of the tremendous sacrifice so many have made.

Sports Checks

Whether you love golf or baseball, your sports checks speak to your love of strategy, competition, and high energy. You love the sports channel and your favorite food can be found at the concession stands.  You love to set goals for yourself and celebrating a win. You drive yourself hard but know the value of teamwork.

Scenic Checks

You pull out your scenic check and you are instantly worlds away.  Scenic checks reveal where you want to be and where your heart lives, whether it is a tropical retreat, a rugged ranch, or some peaceful secret garden.  They reveal the life you want to live and what elements of life you value most, such as peace, living off the land, or being invigorated by the ceaseless power of the ocean. You are creative, and you allow each check to be a momentary vacation that enriches your day.

Inspirational Checks

Checks of faith and inspiration speak about your reliance on something higher than yourself and your desire to encourage others.  You try to recognize your faults and strive to improve your life. You realize life isn’t always easy, or perfect, but you are a firm believer that every day has value, meaning, and purpose.

Checks serve a useful purpose in our lives, but they also speak volumes about who we are and what we value most. At Current, we have the personal checks that let your personality shine through!