Household Helpers: Storage Solutions

Now that winter has passed the warmer weather means that warm winter clothes are no longer necessary; it’s time to pack all your winter items away!  Storing those heavy winter coats, boots, and snowsuits will be an effortless task with the handy household helpers from Current Catalog. We offer the most practical gift, personal and household solutions, all of which are available from our online catalog. Look no further for your winter storage needs.

Whether you are looking for practical storage solutions for clothing, accessories, seasonal jewelry or shoes, you’ll find exactly what you need in the household helpers section listed under “For the Home.”

Use hooks for hanging scarves, our hangers for bigger objects like coats and snowsuits, and the clever storage bags for shoes and boots that go under the bed. With the space-saving organizers from Current Catalog, you can store your winter clothing, but still have it easily accessible, just in case you get a late spring cold snap. Over the door storage gives you the ability to store things neatly, while providing instant access whenever you need it.

Our storage solutions will allow you to store winter socks, mittens and hats in drawers, in your closet, under the bed or wherever you put your out of season clothing. Current Catalog offers convenient, space saving storage solutions that protect from dirt, insects, water or other potential damage. Your summer will be free of worry because you will have the satisfaction of knowing that everything is safely and conveniently stowed until next winter.

Take advantage of our comprehensive online catalog that allows you to shop at your convenience. Simply click here to use our convenient online order form to place your order.

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