Top Winter Checks for 2014

Winter Checks for 2014 snowflake dream designAs winter quickly approaches, you may think about updating your checkbook to reflect the beauty and excitement of the year’s final season. Fortunately, Current offers a variety of winter checks for customers to choose from. Below are some of our most popular choices for winter 2013-2014. Matching address labels are available with all winter designs.

Snowflake Dream Design Studio

Covered in unique, classy snowflakes, Snowflake Dream Design Studio checks are the perfect addition to your wallet for the winter season. These checks are ideal for customers who want to express their love of winter through their checks while still maintaining an air of professionalism. The Snowflake Dream Design Studio check package includes checks in four different colors.

Expressions of Faith Checks

If you are more interested in checks with a holiday theme, the Expressions of Faith package is an excellent choice. This package comes with four different designs, each of which includes an expression of faith, such as “peace” or “rejoice.” These inspiring messages are paired with calm watercolor art to elicit feelings of peace and tranquility. Furthermore, because these checks aren’t overtly winter or holiday-themed, you can continue to use them even when the season is over.

Hand of God Checks

For those customers who prefer checks with a religious theme, the Hand of God check collection is a popular choice. This package comes with four different designs, each of which includes a religious image on the left-hand side, such as a picture of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. Each check also comes with a calming scene faded into the background across the rest of the page.