The Ultimate Christmas Card Checklist

The best part of opening the mailbox in December is seeing real paper greeting cards waiting for you. They’re so much more personal than holiday greetings via text or email. So, before you plan the holiday dinner or trim the tree, focus on your Christmas cards. Not sure where to start? Grab a mug of hot cocoa and study this Christmas card checklist!

Christmas Card Supplies

Before deciding what type of cards to send, create a list of recipients so you know how many cards to prepare. In addition to close family and friends, consider mailing greetings to extended relatives, businesses with employees who know you by name (veterinarian office, piano teacher, nail salon), teachers, and neighbors.

Next, stock up on the physical supplies you’ll need to send out the best cards ever. Here are a few ideas:

  • Holiday greeting cards
  • Envelopes
  • Colorful pens or markers for writing
  • Christmas return address labels
  • Holiday stickers or monogrammed envelope seals
  • Photos to enclose (family, children, pets)
  • Stamps for mailing

And, of course set up a cozy place to work on your Christmas cards. Balancing a lap table in a recliner while watching a Christmas movie sounds good to us!

Writing Christmas Cards

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to get down to business! You can approach Christmas card writing three ways:

  1. The Quick Signature: Let the card’s sentiments speak for themselves. Simply include a cheerful closing such as “Happy Holidays!” or “Wishing you well!” and sign your name. Don’t forget to also include your spouse, kids, or pets names if appropriate.
  2. The Simple Note: Some Christmas card writers like to add a few sentences before signing the card. It’s common to wish joy and happiness to the recipient and encourage them to get in touch with you by including a phone number or email address. Then, close with a signature.
  3. The Holiday Letter: If you’ve had a busy year full of exciting activities or life changes, it might be best to write a holiday letter. Indulge in festive stationery and dust off your writing skills. Tell your friends and family all about your wedding, new baby, move to a new home, or fabulous trip you took this year. Some families opt for an all-inclusive letter that gives an update on each family member in addition to a few highlights of the year.

Mailing Tips and Reminders

The whole point of sending holiday greeting cards to your friends and family is for them to enjoy them during the season. You don’t want the cards to arrive in their mailbox the day before Christmas. So, plan to send your cards out early enough for them get displayed on the fireplace mantle or on a crafty card display. Dropping your cards in the mail so they arrive two to three weeks before the holiday is a good idea.

For cards being sent to others within your community, allow 2-3 days for arrival. When preparing cards that need to travel to other states, allow 3-5 days. And, for overseas cards, two weeks is a good guideline. Cards and packages sent to military bases need to be sent much earlier since they don’t receive mail drops daily. Mail them ASAP; the sooner the better!

Are you ready to dive into selecting, writing, and mailing your Christmas cards? Browse Current Catalog’s extensive collection of individual and boxed greeting cards. From whimsical sayings, to religious sentiments, you’re sure to find the perfect Christmas cards.