The Cutest Personal Check Designs of the Season

cute check designs cat checks Your days of writing checks on boring, uninspired backgrounds are over. If you have an affinity for the supremely cute, you’re in for a real treat. At Current, you can choose from more than 100 personal check designs that range from cool to girly to downright adorable. By way of example, we give you the top five cutest personal check designs of all time.

#5 – Whiskers Design Studio Checks

Cat lovers the world over go more nuts over these checks than a kitten over catnip, and with good reason. Boasting four unique and lively designs, Whiskers Design Studio Checks capture the many irresistible moods of your fave feline friends.

#4 – Tropical Moods Checks

If you’re a beach lover who’d rather be under the sun soaking in rays, stocking up on a few boxes of Tropical Moods Checks is sure to keep your spirits high no matter what the weather’s doing outside. Check illustrations include palm trees on a deserted island, beach chairs with umbrellas, sailboats, and surfers.

#3 – Bear Lodge Buddies Checks

Bear Lodge Buddies Checks deliver four craftily illustrated depictions of a couple of fun-loving furry grizzlies frolicking in fields, chasing honey bees, harvesting apples and fishing from a canoe.

#2 – Good Heavens Checks

Is there anything more adorable in this world than a smiling, happy baby? Perhaps… What about an infant cherub? The combination of a beautiful baby with fanciful angel wings, set against a blue sky with white fluffy clouds, is sure to draw appreciative smiles from everyone. If you love babies (and who doesn’t?) you’ll want to get yourself a few sets of these.

#1 – Feeling Groovy Checks

If retro is your thing and you long for the days of flower power and trippy, abstract designs, you’ll flip for these. Offering four uniquely illustrated designs, you’ll find yourself writing checks with the kind of zeal and enthusiasm reserved only for people deemed “groovy” by those they encounter. Count yourself among the eternally cool.

If you’re bored of traditional checks and are looking for cute personal check designs that accurately reflect your view on the world, we’ve got you covered. Take your pick from among our wide variety of fun and wacky check designs by visiting Current and placing your order today.