Brilliant Holiday Storage Solutions

Now that the holidays are winding down, it’s time to pack up all the decorations. It seems like every year, there’s more and more wrapping paper and gift bags, but there’s less and less room to store it away. If you are looking for a way to store all that gift wrap and accessories where you can easily find it next year, here are some unique storage options.

Closet Rod Gift Wrap Organizer

This thing holds it all and fits neatly in your closet. It easily fastens to the closet rod with Velco. Keep your rolls of paper, gift bags, ribbons, bows, scissors, tape and everything else you need.

Spinning Gift Wrap Organizer

This gift wrap organizer stores easily in the closet and keeps all your gift wrap and accessories tidy and neatly organized. It has lots of big mesh pockets to hold everything. You can easily access anything you put in there because it hangs on a spinning hanger!

Neat Roll Fasteners

Don’t let that roll of wrapping paper unravel and get all crumpled. You’ll need it next year! Keep it raveled with the Neat Roll Fasteners. It won’t tear or ruin the paper like tape and rubber bands.

Christmas Card Organizer Box

Keep all your cards in one organized place in this beautiful organizer box. It has an elegant Christmas design with 12 dividers inside. Store cards, photos and letters in it, and take it out every Christmas to add a festive touch to any room.