5 Clever Organizing Tricks

Holiday clean up is the not-so fun part about the holiday season. While you recover from all the Christmas craziness, you have to put away the ornaments and store the decorations. And then there’s the difficult task of organizing all those greeting cards you got. How is it possible to keep them all in order and neatly organized?

Card Organizer Boxes are a great way to store all your cards and keep them in proper order so you can easily find them. Here are a few different boxes you can use to keep all your cards for every occasion organized.

Christmas Card Organizer Box

This box, which features a beautiful Christmas tree design, looks like an elegant Christmas decoration. But inside, it has 12 dividers where you can organize all your Christmas cards or photos and letters. There’s lots of room in this thing, and you can fit up to 140 greeting cards in it!

Floral Greeting Card Box and Divider Refills

We love this gorgeous floral design! This box is great for organizing anything and everything. It comes with dividers and labels to keep everything in order. Refills are also available.

Greeting Card Organizer Box and Labels

This box has such a cool zigzag stripe design with a flower box top that really makes it pop. It comes with 12 dividers and 24 self-stick labels.

Pink & Teal Greeting Card Organizer and Refill

Pastels are always in! Keep your cards and everything else organized in this cute box with 12 dividers and labels. Refills are available for order.