So Many Uses for Note Cards You May Never Have Thought Of

There are many uses for note cards that fall outside of the norm, and after you’ve sent all your obligatory notes, you might wonder what else you can do with these little helpers. Here are a few clever ideas for note cards uses.

Reward Coupons for Kids or Spouse – Decorate your note cards however you would like, and then add an inside message with a reward. For kids, rewards like a “Day Off from Chores” or “Stay Up Late 1 Hour” can be highly motivating. Spouses enjoy “Free Foot Rub” or “Dinner Date Night” coupons.Casual Note Cards & Labels | Current Catalog

Scavenger Hunt Clues – With Easter around the corner, many families are gearing up for annual egg and scavenger hunts. Note cards are sturdy, and make excellent places to write the next clue to follow once items have been located.

Photo Collages – Note cards offer excellent support for photos and magazine cutouts when making collages and other art projects. Cardstock is sturdy, and can be manipulated easily to design an amazing creation.

Lunchbox & Briefcase Letters – Let them know you care even after they’re gone for the day, and slip a personalized note card into something your youngsters or spouse take with them upon departure.

Use the simple Online Order Form to choose your note cards from Current Catalog today, and then use your creativity and flair and create a completely new purpose for any remaining cards.

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