Say Hello the Old Fashioned Way: with New Personalized Stationery Sets

personalized stationary sets In this day and age of electronic media, email, text messages and forum posts, communication flies back and forth at the speed of light. It’s fun, exciting and new, but, is it really what we want? Do our thoughts and feelings really need to be put on speed dial? Maybe not. Maybe there’s still something to be gained from sitting quietly, calming our minds, and writing an old-fashioned letter.

Did you ever have a pen-pal? Remember how fun it was to check the mailbox every day, watching for that special envelope? Remember writing to a friend away at college? It was so exciting to hear about all the new things she was learning. Maybe you had a romance with a boy in the military. Those letters were a lifeline for both of you, and kept your delicate, new love alive.
Just because everyone is on Facebook doesn’t mean you can’t still take the time to write a real letter. Settle yourself at your desk. Use one of your personalized stationery sets and choose an elegant pen that fits your hand just right. Run your fingertips over the paper and feel its delicate grain. The whole process of writing a letter is a meditation. It allows for deeper thought and the expression of more meaningful and heart-felt emotions.
Are you ready to give it a try? Current carries all the supplies you’ll need to re-explore this charming, nearly forgotten form of communication. You can order them today with this easy online order form.

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