Santa Letter Writing Ideas for Kids

santa letter writing ideas Although Santa does have email these days, it’s still a lot more fun for kids to write him physical letters and send those to him. Santa writing ideas include having kids tell him how they’ve been good, what they’d like to for Christmas, and what their younger siblings would like.

Choose Themed Stationary

Help Santa get in the holiday spirit by having the kids write the letter on themed stationary. Sticky notes with holiday animals printed on them will make Saint Nick chuckle as he reads the letter. The sticky back on the notes also helps the pages stay together, so parts of a child’s Christmas list don’t get lost.

Tell Him You’ve Been Good

Have your child brainstorm the ways he or she has been good over the past year. Help him or her write out a few examples of good behavior, such as helping a younger sibling with homework or shoveling snow off of an elderly’s neighbor’s stoop.

Ask for Presents

The real meat of a letter to Santa is the part where a child says what he wants for Christmas. Remind your child to ask for presents but not to get too greedy. Along with asking for his or her own presents, the child writing the letter can also ask for presents for a younger sibling, who is too young to write his own letter. Point out to the child writing the letter that Santa likes to see example of kids being nice to their younger brothers or sisters.


Santa’s a busy man and Christmas time can get a little hectic for him. The sooner your child writes the letter, the better. If you plan on sending the letter to the Postal Service or another letters to Santa program, get it in the mail by early to mid December.

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