Ring in Spring by Ordering Friendship Cards from Current

In an era where a good deal of communication is conducted electronically, it’s important to remember the power of a handwritten personal message, especially to a friend who has been in your life for years, if not decades. Current Catalog can help you keep in touch with your friends, near and far, with a Friendship Card value pack with 16 cards, two of each design, in bright floral and paisley patterns sure to please.

Friendship cards

Here are the details of what this Friendship Card value pack offers regarding sentiments and styles:

Pink Stripes on Left Edge
Front: a friend hug…
Inside: …is the very best kind. Consider yourself hugged!

White Flower in Diamond Shape
Front: You’re on my mind today…
Inside: …in an “I’m so glad we’re friends” kind of way.

White, Orange and Purple Flowers
Front: Being with you is always fun.
Inside: And always way too short! Let’s Get Together Again Soon

Friends Spelled in Blue Circles
Inside: There’s so much comfort in that one little word.

Front: When I think of you…I smile!
Inside: And it’s one of those smiles that begins in the heart.

Pink, Purple and Green Circles
Front: friends are forever
Inside: You know that “friends are forever” thing? We’ve got a good start on that.

Flowers with Button Centers
Front: A Special Invitation for You
Inside: To meet me any place, any time, for anything! Miss You, Friend

Gold Gift Tag
Front: Your friendship is such a gift.
Inside: One I plan to treasure forever

Reach out and connect with an old friend by sending a friendship greeting card from Current in regular mail, not email. This card will definitely brighten your friend’s day and remind her how much you care. Use Current’s easy online order form to make shopping a breeze!

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