Pull Bows: The Finishing Touch to Your Gift Wrapping

Bows on a present are like cherries on ice cream sundaes—while they may not change what’s underneath much, they certainly do add that special touch that brings it all together and makes it enticing. Pull bows from Current Catalog will be the perfect finishing touch to all of your wrapped presents this year. If you have never heard of a “pull bow,” it’s really as simple as it sounds. Pull bows are the perfect accent to gifts wrapped in Current wrapping paper and gift wrap accessories.

What is a Pull Bow?

Pull BowsThe pull bow is a multi-looped, dome-shaped bow that is used to embellish wrapped gifts. Pull bows differ from other types of bows because they don’t have any staples, ties or fasteners of any type. The secret is the ribbon used. To make pull bows, you will need pull ribbon, which comes in a value pack to save you money.

Pull ribbon from Current comes in a variety of widths, fabrics, colors and design. A small thread that runs through the entire length of the ribbon is what makes pull bows special and allows the ribbon to create the elegant pull bow.

Current Catalog’s Pull Bow Value Pack

Order the pull bow value pack and the set will arrive flat, but with a gentle tug, five lovely bows will be created. The Value Pack of Pull Bows is a set of 24 bows, 2 of each color. When your value pack arrives, simply unfold the bow and open ends to find the narrow pull threads. Hold the threads together with one hand and slide the plastic ring away from you with your other hand. This will form the bow, and then just tie the strings together at the base.

Be sure to visit the Current website often for New Arrivals and special sales! Shop Current’s online store for all your gift wrapping needs including Christmas tags and pull bows!

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