Picnic Prep: Essentials for A Summer Excursion

As summer approaches, families are starting to look forward to going on picnics again. It’s a great time to unwind and get some fresh air while spending some quality family time together. You can make your picnic an even more enjoyable experience if you plan ahead and make sure to get the essentials for your next summer excursion.

By packing reusable plastic dishes, for example, you’ll save money in the long run over buying disposable paper plates and bowls. What’s more, reusable plastic dishes are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plates and utensils.

To make things easier at the grill, a stuffed burger maker will speed up the time it takes to form each patty, and you may even prefer to make your burgers in the park instead of taking time to do them the night before at home. For added safety, an extendable BBQ fork will let you spear a plump hot dog without worrying about your sleeves accidentally hitting the grill or getting stained by the food you’re cooking. 

A condiment caddy is an excellent choice for holding items such as ketchup and mustard bottles, jars of relish or salt and pepper. A condiment caddy keeps things organized, while making it easy to pack  up when it’s time to go home. In addition, the condiment caddy is a helpful tool in remembering all the condiments you need for a the perfect picnic.

Placemats are a good idea too, especially if your family is sitting at a public picnic table and you want to feel a bit more civilized. After all, it’s much easier to clean up something sticky your kid spilled on the placemat than from the picnic table! 

Current carries a wide variety of items for your picnic, and our convenient online order form makes it easy for you to make your selections and have them sent directly to your home.



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