Pet Lover Décor

If you love your pets as much as your children, you’re not alone! Our four-legged friends are part of the family too! A lot of our Current customers are pet lovers, and we’ve got the décor to show your furry friend how much you love them.

Cat Pencil Holder by Current CatalogCat Pencil Holder

Most of the time, your cat gets in the way of your work – they love sitting on keyboards, after all! But this cat watches you work from afar, and even helps keep you organized while you’re at it. The Cat Pencil Holder is a cute 3-D kitty that also works as a planter, vase, or treat holder too!

It's Been a Long Day Word Pillow by Current CatalogIt’s Been a Long Day Word Pillow

When you’ve been working like a dog, there’s nothing like resting your head on a soft pillow and curling up with your pet to help you relax. This pillow makes a humorous addition to your sofa. The little dachshund is there for you on those long days!

Resin Shelf-Sitting Cat Figurine by Current CatalogResin Shelf-Sitting Cat

This beautiful homage to your feline friend sits playfully on the shelf. It’s made with a bronze-finished resin, and looks great on the mantle or bookshelf.

Pop Art Puppies Canvas Print by Current CatalogPop Art Puppies Canvas Print

Commemorate your pup with pop art! The Pop Art Canvas Print is a funky and fun canvas print with a Warhol-esque design. Personalize it by choosing the dog breed and add the dog’s name. Makes a great gift!

Pet Treat Jar by Current CatalogPet Treat Jar

Keep those treats easily accessible with this Pet Treat Jar. When you want to reward your pet for being so loveable, reach for this jar, which can be personalized with your pet’s name. The snap tight lid keeps treats fresh.