Personalized Gift Ideas for Your Foodie Friends

Personalized Cutting Board No More Boring Birthdays!

Have you ever gone into panic mode before a birthday party, wondering what to get your friend? You want to choose something meaningful, practical, and fun, but he or she already seems to have everything. Maybe it’s time to think outside the box.

Is your friend one who’s always in the kitchen?

Perhaps this friend could be considered a “foodie friend;” one who’s constantly creating some amazing and delicious treat and calling you over for a famous pie or newest wine. If this is the case, then a personalized food-centered gift may be just the thing to put a smile to your foodie friend’s face when the gift wrap comes off.

Gift Ideas  for Foodies:

Solid Wood Cutting Board

This unique personalized item will get great use chopping and cutting veggies.

Wine Club Membership

If your foodie friend loves wine, purchase them a yearly membership to a wine club. They’ll receive a bottle every month- perfect for pairing with their culinary creations!

Food Canvas Print Canvas Print

Food-inspired canvas prints make great kitchen additions.


Real Tupperware is a prized possession for any true foodie. Pick up a set that matches their personality or kitchen utensils.

Gourmet Food Items

Sweet and Savories, pantry essentials, and gourmet candy. Visit a Crate & Barrel, Dean and Deluca or Williams Sonoma for world class flavors.

Wine Cork Holder

Let your friend show off their taste in style. Wine cork holders are very popular right now. DIY or shop for holders.

Personalized Cookie Jar 

 Avid bakers will cherish this cute and clean cookie jar.


Pick up a brand new or trendy cookbook. Inscribe a personal note inside so your friend will think of you when cooking new recipes!

Personalized Cookie Jar These practical tools are a sure-fire way to show your friend that you care; from simply using his or her name to remembering a favorite quote, you can make it a birthday gift to remember. You can even insert personal pictures into some of the cutting boards, making them an ideal gift for mom and dad to have a keepsake photo of you and the family.

By using personalized gift ideas for foodies, you’ll create something your friends can use for years to come. Say goodbye to the duplicate pajama sets or a fifth pair of aloe infused socks your friends usually receive each year. Current’s line of gifts allows you the chance to give something you are proud of personalizing and your friend can use on a daily basis. Check out Current’s personalized kitchen items and let the gift giving and birthday parties begin!

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