On the Road Again: Auto Accessories to Help You Survive Road Trips with the Kids

Summertime is vacation time! And there’s no better way to shake off the last of the winter blues than to get out of the house and hit the road. You can pack up the kids and visit a theme park, get to know your state’s history, or just drive the car into the mountains and walk around in the sunshine.

As a parent, however, you are well aware of the fact that little kids and long road trips are a recipe for disaster. So, how do you satisfy your own wanderlust and keep the kiddos busy and comfortable during the long drive? Here are a few simple tips to follow.

  1. Make frequent stops – You may have planned the ideal family vacation with lots of exciting, big-ticket activities, but kids, especially the youngest ones, have a limited tolerance for travel. Plan your day so that you can stop every hour or so. Even if it’s just at a public park or a scenic overlook, the little ones will be thrilled to get out of the car and race around.
  2. Carry snacks – And lots of them. Snacking not only keeps kids busy, but it also levels their blood sugar and staves off the afternoon “crankies.” Resist the urge to buy pre-packaged junk food, however. It can be loaded with sugar. Instead, pack simple foods like raisins, graham crackers or trail mix in small, snack-sized plastic bags.
  3. Plan some on-the-go entertainment – When all else fails, get out some toys. When tempers flare and you need a break from the squabbling, whip out a new card game, a little coloring book or a cuddly, pint-sized teddy bear. Have an over-the-seat organizer ready so the kids have a place to stash all their new loot. Current carries one and has an easy, online order form.

If you plan ahead and accommodate your little ones’ many needs, your trip will be a joy for the whole family.

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