Old Married Couple Blues? Tips to Jump Start the Romance in your Marriage

Do you feel like an old married couple and could use a little spark to re-light that flame of romance? Current Catalog has the Valentine’s Day cards that will surely remind your spouse or longtime love how much you still love them.

Tips for Romance Current

Current’s Valentine Rose Bouquet Cards come in a set of six (two each) with pretty pink envelopes and are sized 5”X7”. Sentiments include:

  • “Have a Beautiful Day!”
  • A special wish for a Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • “Just a little wish for lots of love and happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day”

Current has a vast selection of Valentine’s Day Cards for all tastes and styles. Would you like something of a religious nature? We have Valentine Faith Bookmarks for the bookworm in your life, and Diecut Stand-Up Valentines are assorted containers filled with beautiful bouquets featuring three lovely designs with beautiful pink envelopes.  They come in sets of six with two of each design.

Stock up for Valentine’s Day with our easy online order form. Jump start the romance in your marriage with a lovely Valentine’s Day card from Current. Your loved one is sure to swoon!

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