NYE Party Ideas for Those Who Can’t Make it to Midnight

Each year you don a party hat, keep a bottle of bubbly handy, and anticipate ringing in the new year by planting a big smooch on your sweetheart at the stroke of midnight.

But, it never happens.

That’s OK. We don’t all have the energy to party into the wee hours of the morning. This year, embrace an early bedtime and move the festivities up a few hours. You won’t have any trouble finding friends and family to join you for these six NYE party ideas!

Host a Dinner Party

Schedule the gathering for dinner time, and finish the meal with a celebratory New Year’s Eve dessert and drink served in a special glass. Then wish your guests well as they head on to other parties after the meal.

Be a Kid

Get a small group together and get silly. Climb a rock wall. Jump in a bounce house. Ride the ferris wheel. Rent sumo wrestling suits. Pick an activity you wouldn’t normally do and be sure to take lots of photos!

Plan a Night in

If you’re a parent, make the celebration happen a few hours before the little ones’ bedtime. Bake homemade cookies, wear party hats, make noisemakers, toast with sparkling grape juice, watch a favorite movie, and call it a night — well before 12.

Host a Girls-only Party

We all know other busy folks who find it difficult to stay awake until midnight too. So, why not plan a girl’s night out that wraps up early? Pick a theme — like little black┬ádress night — visit your favorite piano bar, indulge in scrumptious appetizers, and kick off your heels well before January 1st arrives.

Have a Party for One!

Does everyone seem to have “other” plans this year? Use that freedom to indulge in your favorite activities to ring in the new year! Go for a long bike ride, read a book, watch a chick flick, order your favorite take-out food, slip into a new pair of silk pajamas, or spend the evening cuddling your dog. You can do whatever you want!

How do you plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year? Share your NYE party ideas with us on Facebook!