New Ways to Celebrate Your Spouse

It’s a new year, and with it come new opportunities to show your spouse how special they are to you. Whether you’ve been together one year or several decades, we’ve got some ideas you can use to celebrate your spouse in new ways.

Spend a night in. Get cozy, get comfortable, and get together. Put the phones on silent (and in the other room!), make your spouse’s favorite meal or order it in, and if there are children in the picture, send them to grandma and grandpa’s or a friend’s house for the night. Focus on each other, put on some soft music, and dance in the living room. Your own home may be the best place to show your spouse how much you enjoy spending time together.

Take a day trip. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on an expensive vacation abroad. Book a weekend at an Airbnb or other bed and breakfast within a few hours’ drive. Pack a bag for yourself and your spouse and tell him you feel like taking a drive. You can even use a blindfold if he’s willing to play along. Whether you spend the weekend in your room or explore the local landscape, sometimes just getting a little bit away from your everyday lives can be very refreshing. The fact that you plan this little getaway and all your partner has to do is sit back and let you spoil him or her is a great way to celebrate your spouse.

Make a list of the things you appreciate about your spouse. Instead of making a list of resolutions for the new year, make a list of the things about your partner that you appreciate. Does he take out the trash without being asked? Is he dependable? Does he help with the housework? Is he financially responsible? Sometimes it’s easy to focus on what you don’t like; make a concerted effort to sit down and list the good things about your spouse and share it with him.

Pamper your partner. You don’t need to wait for his birthday or Father’s Day to give your hubby a day off. Plan a day of pampering for your spouse and clear your calendar of all other responsibilities. Start with his favorite breakfast in bed and let him know he has the day off. If he’s a sports fan, let him enjoy a day of play. Does he golf? Pay for a day on the golf course. Is football his jam? Let him watch as many games as he wants to without interruption. Is he trying to complete a “honey do list” for you? Put it on pause for the day. Have his favorite beverage available in bulk and have a stash of his snacks at the ready.

Pay your spouse a compliment. Then pay him another one and another one. It’s a simple act that can have wonderful consequences. If you have made a list of the things you love and appreciate about your spouse as we mentioned above, you should have an arsenal of compliments to hand out. Be sincere but be purposeful. Whether it’s several a day, or you plan out a week or two worth of compliments, you just might be amazed at the positive effect paying a compliment can have.

Give your mate a massage. It doesn’t matter if you have any formal massage training, you won’t need it. Simply giving your mate the best massage you can is a great way to get in touch, literally, and express your care. Massage is a peaceful, healing way to celebrate your spouse and show how much you appreciate all his hard work as you work out the tension and stress. Celebrate with a chilled glass of champagne and a light snack, and your spouse will remember your act of love for a long time.

We all like to know that we are appreciated, and any one of these methods of showing your appreciation for your spouse is a great way to celebrate them and all that’s good in your relationship.