Multi-Generational Vacation Ideas

With the increased growth in the Baby Boomer generation and the onset of many of their adult children taking over the care of their aging parents, as well as often raising their own children simultaneously, multi-generational vacations are on the rise. Grandparents are accompanying parents and children on all kinds of vacation getaways, adding an extra level of family and fun. Multi-generational vacations can take many forms, but the goal is to find activities and locations that everyone can enjoy. These vacations typically tend to be more structured, allowing family members to choose which activities they will participate in, and when they will opt to relax poolside or perhaps enjoy an afternoon nap. If you’re thinking of planning a multi-generational vacation this year, here are some ideas to get you started.

Go for a cruise. Cruises have long been the vacation of choice for families, and for good reason. Gathering everyone in one place in a setting that offers lots of variety for everyone is one big attraction of the family cruise. There are cruises that focus on cultural tours, some that focus on taking in stunning natural sights, and themed cruises for all ages and interests. Cruise ships are also famous for offering spectacular food and group activities for everyone from the youngest to the oldest family member. Cruise vacation packages are also a great way to financially plan your trip, as food, travel, and entertainment is all included in the package price, leaving you to budget only for souvenirs and the cost of travel and meals from home to the port where your ship awaits to whisk you away on your family adventure at sea.

Camp on a lakeshore. If your family loves the water but cruises aren’t your style, camping at a lake is a great alternative, and easy for everyone to enjoy. Mom and dad can sit by the lake and take in the view as the kids or grandkids go swimming. Grandpa can take the younger set out on the lake and teach them the joys of fishing. Grandma and mom can bond over some outdoor cooking, share a morning cup of coffee in a special mug before everyone else gets up, or take a stroll along the lakeshore. Don’t forget to take along a camping journal to record memories and special moments during your trip to look back on in years to come. You might even want to keep a journal of the details of your camping trip to pass down to a younger family member and help start a family tradition.

Visit state parks. If you have a family-sized RV and love road trips, touring your state parks could be a fantastic way to spend time together and experience the beauties of the parks in your state. Renting an RV is another option, one which saves you from the duties of preparing the vehicle for the trip and storing it afterward. Bring along some games and kid-friendly activities to keep everyone happy while on the road to your destination. Some state parks like Black Canyon in Colorado offer fantastic scenery, hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, and climbing in the summertime, as well as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter. Explore the websites for the parks in your state and be sure to reserve your own special camping spot before hitting the road, especially in the busy summer months.

Return to your roots. Did you have a favorite vacation spot as a kid? Why not take both your parents and your kids back to the place where you made your own childhood vacation memories? Mom and dad will enjoy revisiting a location that holds good memories for them, and you can introduce a new generation to the things you enjoyed on family vacations in your past. It’s a great way to give your children a glimpse into what you did for fun and carry on a family tradition.

As families evolve, kids grow up, and people move away from each other, multigenerational family vacations are becoming a popular way to get everyone together again to enjoy some fun time and build memories. No matter where you take your family on vacation, how you get there, or what you end up doing for fun, cherish the time on vacation and enjoy spending time together.