Mother’s Day Gifts to Cherish Forever

Mother’s Day comes but once a year, but with a Mother’s Day photo gift, that one day can live in on in your mother’s memory, and in yours, for a lifetime. Photos capture the moments that are all too fleeting in life, like birthdays, anniversaries, and special holidays like Mother’s Day. With a photo gift, you can travel back in time in your mind to that moment and experience the joy, laughter, and love you were feeling at the time. You can create some really great gifts with your favorite photos, in a wide range of options.

Photo Mug by Current Catalog

Take the personalized photo mug, for example. You can do a single photo, a collage using a group of related photos, or a panoramic photo that tells a story. Design the perfect photo mug for mom this Mother’s Day with photos that will touch her heart and make her smile. Collect favorite pictures from childhood through adulthood and make a one-of-a-kind coffee or tea mug she’ll treasure forever. Or take a collection of your favorite photos of the two of you together and decorate a sturdy mug she can warm her hands around as the memories in the photos warm her heart.

Photo Canvas by Current Catalog

A photo canvas print is another great way to share special memories with mom. Take your favorite family portrait or choose six fun photos and combine them on premium canvas in vibrant, top quality, fade resistant, scratch resistant ink that will bring your memories to life. Mom won’t have to worry about these photos being lost or damaged, and who better to grace the walls of her home than you?

Photo calendars are a perfect way to make mom happy every month of the year, with 12 different photos of you, the grandkids, the pets, mom and dad together, mom’s favorite animal or her personal pet. Gather pictures of places mom has always wanted to go, or choose from photos of past favorite vacations and use them to put your calendar together. The possibilities are endless!

Photo Candles by Current Catalog

Photo coasters are a great way to combine two gifts in one; protect her favorite coffee table and give her a mini collection of pictures that will make her smile. Personalize a candle with a lovely photo of your family for mom. She can enjoy the glow from the candle and the glow she’ll feel every time she looks at the picture on the candle.

Photo Necklace by Current Catalog

A woven monogram, fleece, or Sherpa photo throw will keep mom warm as she wraps herself up in beautiful photos of her beloved family members. She can keep the chill away and literally surround herself with those she loves! If your mom loves jewelry, a personalized heart photo necklace will let her keep her favorite photo close to her heart every day.

Give your mom, grandmother, sister, favorite aunt or best friend the gift of precious memories with a photo gift for Mother’s Day this year.