Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Have you ever experienced a moment of panic when your little one asks you to help him or her come up with a costume for Halloween? Think you’ve used up all your ideas? Fear not, we have some great last-minute ideas for Halloween costumes that don’t involve cutting eye holes in your best white sheet, won’t take a lot of time to put together, and will have your trick or treater looking good for the holiday.

  1. Magician. This one is easy and fun to put together. All you need is a top hat, magic wand, a black cape, some silver glitter, black pants, a white shirt and some dress shoes. Take those dress-up clothes and add a cape with some shooting stars made of glitter and glue, and voila! You can find the top hat, wand, glitter and glue at your local dollar store, and if your little one doesn’t have the black pants, white shirt and dress shoes, a thrift store or yard sale is a great place to find them (or, you can always borrow these items from a sibling!)
  2. Old Man or Woman. This is another fun one, and you probably have everything you need in your own closet, dresser drawer, or donation basket. Hearken back to the days when you would sneak into mom or dad’s closet and try on their hats, coats, scarves and shoes, and you get the idea. Add some forehead wrinkles using an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, or water-based marker, a couple of vertical lines on either side of the mouth, one of mom or dad’s hats, and your toddler is instantly transformed into a miniature geriatric. Adorable!
  3. Nerd. A white shirt, red suspenders, too-short pants, a pocket protector with pens and pencils, a bowtie and a pair of black glasses with white medical tape (or a piece of white material held in place with glue or clear tape) between the eyes, and you’ve got a miniature nerd. You can pick up black child-sized glasses at a dollar store, and the bow tie can be made from a rectangle of black felt stapled or taped in the center. If you can’t find actual suspenders, any red material will suffice. Simply staple it to the waistband of a pair of dress pants, roll those cuffs up, and add some white socks and black shoes. A piece of pocket-sized cardboard and some black electrical tape to hold pens or pencils in place serves as the pocket protector.
  4. Mini Masterpiece. Your little one can participate in making this costume if they like (or you can unleash your own inner artist). Grab some white poster board and markers, a long, wide ribbon, and a stapler. Measure the ribbon around your child’s neck. It should extend from their upper chest, around the neck, and back to the other side of the upper chest. Staple the ribbon to one side of the poster board. On the other side, have your child draw whatever they would like, or create your own mini masterpiece. This costume is quick and easy, and your child can wear whatever they like, since the focus is the artwork. This is a great choice when the weather turns cold, as your child can bundle up and wear the masterpiece on top of their coat.
  5. Super Hero. Instantly transform your boy or girl into a super hero with common kitchen gloves, a mask and cape made from scraps of felt, and red or blue play clothes!
  6. If you have more than one family member to outfit this year, why not go for some “out of this world” costumes? Using cardboard, paint, dark clothing, and a super simple process, you can create your very own galaxy! Draw a half-moon onto corrugated cardboard with a circle in the center the size of child’s face and cut out with a utility knife. Paint the cardboard with yellow acrylic paint. Trim edges with glue and glitter. Fold a 1-inch strip of felt around the face opening for comfort and glue into place. Trim outer edges with yellow masking tape. Punch holes on either side of opening just above your child’s ears, and tie on a strip of elastic to fit around the child’s head. Make comets, shooting stars, Saturn, the sun, or moon. Or create your own planet and give it a name!

We hope some of these ideas have inspired you and taken some of the pressure off when it comes to making homemade costumes. Happy Halloween!