Kids Birthday Party Ideas for Summertime Fun

kids birthday party ideas for summerIf you have a child’s summertime birthday party to plan, you probably need kid’s birthday party ideas– and fast. The great news is that with a little creativity, the planning (and clean up) does not have to be complicated or over taxing. Even better, we have the ideas that can get you well on your way to a fun and memorable celebration!

Pirate Party

Who hasn’t dreamed of finding a treasure? If you have a little treasure hunter, a gem hunting party might be just the thing for summertime fun. Hide some Gold Doubloons, create a hidden treasure map and race to see who can get to the treasure first!

Mystery Party

Every kid loves solving a great caper and a mystery party is the perfect way to have fun and keep things manageable. Greet kids with a fun mystery to solve like the “case of the missing birthday cake” and present clues for them to solve. Plant incriminating evidence, provide cool detective tools, and have the kids uncover their own party bags to get the party started.

Flashlight Tag

Yes, we are bringing this one back. If it’s incredibly hot during the day, have an evening or night summer birthday party and play flashlight tag. If the light hits you, you’re it. Finish off the night with a movie or s’mores by the fire.

Water World

No list of kid’s birthday party ideas would be complete without a bit of water play. But forget the run of the mill pool party and go full on water world! Think water obstacle course meets squirt gun wars and you have the perfect mix.

Art Party

No matter the age of your child and art party can be just the thing for a colorful celebration with cool take-home gifts. Go wild with everything from scrap booking, painting, on-the-spot pictures and creative photoshopping to oil on canvas creations. Even little ones can get into the fun with cool paint with water books!

Cooke Decorating

Grab some store cookies or bake your own and get to decorating. Offer different colors of icing, sprinkles and candies. This takes care of the activity and the dessert; win-win!

When you are planning a party, let your creativity rule  and you will be sure to end up with a day everyone remembers for years to come!

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