Jewelry Organization Tips for College Students

jewelry organization tipsThe normal college dorm room feels more like a closet than a bedroom, and conserving space is a priority. You don’t want to sacrifice essentials like clothing, shoes or jewelry, though. Whether you have 1,000 pieces of jewelry or a few special earrings, necklaces and rings, you need a few jewelry organization tips that also protect your collection.

Leave Your Jewelry Box at Home

While a box with velvet or fabric lined dividers does protect your jewelry and stores similar pieces together for easy access, it takes up valuable space on a dorm room dresser or under a bed. If you have a nice jewelry box, it might be best left at home where it can remain safe.

Create a Jewelry Board

There are many ways to create jewelry boards. Some of the most common materials used are cork board, window screens, or pegboard. Paint these materials your favorite color, add some pins or hooks and presto- you’ve got yourself a jewelry organizer.

Hanging Organizer

If you don’t have time to create your own jewelry organizer, consider purchasing a wire jewelry holder or a Little Black Dress jewelry organizer. This adorable organizer hangs on your closet door or from a hanger in your closet where it’s hidden from view. It takes up little space and includes loops and hooks that protect your necklaces from tangling.  It also features clear pockets that safely store earrings and other small pieces.

Conserve space while organizing your valuable jewelry. Then, you can still access your favorite accessories without cluttering your dorm room.

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