How to Wrap a Present with a Scarf

How you wrap a gift adds to the excitement and anticipation of receiving and opening it.  If you are looking for a new way of wrapping that will add beauty and become part of the gift that can be used again in many ways, try wrapping your gift with a scarf!

That’s right— for this post we are momentarily setting aside the awesome gift wraps and bags to wrap with scarves. The best thing about wrapping with scarves is that you can find them in any color, and cool prints from vintage classics to swanky designer prints for amazing prices. Not only do they make great wrapping, they can be reused again and again, as wrapping or as a fashion accessory!

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Wrapping with scarves is not new, but it is popular. In fact, you can find many sites that provide detailed directions for very complex wrapping designs.  Here we will discuss the two most basic wraps, which though simple, are every bit as exciting and lovely.

The Scarf Roll Wrap

When you think of this wrapping technique, think of the ever popular Tootsie Roll. Place the scarf print side down and your item at the edge and middle of one side. Hold the edge close to the item and roll over one turn. Hold the edge fast and roll again. Make sure the edge is tucked in and roll again and again until you get to the end of the scarf. Gather each end and tie them with a ribbon. You can even add additional items to the ties, like another small gift.

The Diagonal End Tie

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This scarf wrap works on almost any shaped gift, from boxes to bottles. It is also very easy for beginning scarf wrappers to master. Place the scarf print side down. Then place the gift in the center of the scarf. Once placed, take diagonal corners of the scarf and tie them across the top of the gift at the center, Do the same for the opposing diagonal sides. The ends remain loose for a beautiful bow effect. Though the wrap does not need further embellishment, you can add other elements of interest to the top, like additional ribbon, a broach, or anything else that adds interest.

As you advance, you may want to try other scarf wrapping techniques, but we have found that these basic techniques are hard to beat for both ease of use and beautiful effect.  Let us know what you think!