How to Store Wrapping Paper without it Taking Over Your Closet

how to store wrapping paperBetween birthday, baby shower, wedding, and winter holiday gift wrap, most people end up with well over a dozen rolls of wrapping paper that seem to take over any area they are stored. In most households, this is a closet that always appears to be overflowing. When considering how to store wrapping paper, try one of these tidy methods.

Tall bucket: If you only have rolls of gift wrap, without many bows or spools of ribbon, a tall bucket may be all you need. Choose one at least half the height of your wrapping paper rolls so they stand up relatively straight in it and don’t take more than their fair share of space.

Roll Fasteners: If you already have a designated closet or dresser but are lacking tidiness, try simple roll fasteners. They secure the wrapping paper and prevent it from unrolling, wrinkling or tearing. You can also use hair ties or cut up paper towel holders.  

Over-the-door organizer: Consider containing your wrapping paper to the back of the closet door rather than using valuable floor space. Choose an organizer with slots for wrapping paper rolls and pouches for scissors, tape, and other supplies. Seeing everything helps you pick the perfect combination.

how to store wrapping paper in attic shelves Rafter Shelves: If you’ve got an unfinished basement or attic, create new storage nooks with rafter and attic shelves. Wrapping paper will be out of the way, but easy to find when holidays comes around.

Under-the-bed bin: If you just don’t have space in your closet, a rolling plastic bin stored under your bed (or a guest bed) is a compelling alternative. Choose a bin the length of your longest wrapping paper roll and tuck smaller bags or bins inside with ribbon, bows, and other decorations.

Learning how to store wrapping paper will save you a lot of stress and clean up time! If you discover while organizing that you need to round out your collection, visit Current to get more gift wrap, ribbons, bows, and organizing accessories.

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