How to Set the Perfect Easter Table

Once you have decided on the perfect menu and invited friends and family, the next step in creating a wonderful Easter holiday celebration is deciding how to set the perfect Easter table.

The table setting is always important, whether it’s an elegant and elaborate affair, or something fun and playful.  An exquisitely set table compliments a great meal with friends and family, and is the perfect way to make Easter even more memorable.

If you are worried about how to pull off a beautiful table, relax; setting the perfect Easter table is much easier than you might imagine. Here are a few simple steps and innovative ideas to help get you off to a fabulous start.

Choose a Theme

It is much easier to execute a cohesively decorated table when you have a central idea or theme to use as your focus. The theme does not have to be complicated to be effective. Think about things that remind you of Easter, the spring season, new life, renewal, or a fresh start, and pull ideas from nature or anywhere else that inspire you.

Choose Your Colors

When most people think about Easter or spring they think of pastel colors, but this time of year is also filled with vibrant new life, so go bold if that’s what inspires you. Spring is filled with wonderful colors from which you can pull your inspiration. Spend a few moments outside and see what catches your eye, whether it is the vibrant colors of a garden, the subtle beauty of a galvanized bucket, or the color of the sunrise. All of these can be used to add layers of color and interest.

Just like in Nature, Use Texture

There is no shortage of textures in nature, from soft foamy moss to the velvet smoothness of a fresh blossom, to the strength found in tree bark. Don’t be afraid to layer textures into your table design. From centerpieces to napkins, textures add immeasurable beauty and interest to the table.

Think of Your Table Cloth as a  Canvas

One of the best ways to keep the ideas flowing is to think of your table cloth as a canvas and add layers and points of interest to your masterpiece. Let the table tell a story and inspire your guests.  The design does not have to be complicated, take all day to construct, or cost a fortune. It fact, it can take minutes, be simple, and cost almost nothing and still evoke wonderful feelings.

Take chances and think outside the box. Your reward will be a beautiful table and delighted guests! Check out Current for more Easter inspiration.