How to Put the “Extra Touch” on All Your Gifts

If you have ever received a gift that was so beautifully wrapped that you didn’t want to open it, you know how much those extra little touches matter.

These special touches make the recipient want to linger in the moment.  

They show that you put thought into every detail of the gift, and highlight the value of the relationship.  The best part is, it really does not take much to make the gift dazzle in a memorable way.

If you want to make your gift extra special, try a few of these ideas for using gift wrap accessories that will infuse more meaning into your gift wrap.

Use Unexpected Ribbon

Unexpected and uncommon ribbon choices stand out because they don’t look like you just pulled stored ribbon from your junk drawer. Choices like kraft raffia ribbon speak volumes about your effort, and can be used very creatively. You can twist different colors of ribbon together and then tie the package, and make unique bow by shredding the ends.

Mix the Expected with the Unexpected

The possibilities in wrapping are endless when you mix the expected with the unexpected.  For example, you can layer jute cord over a wide ribbon for a very dramatic effect. Another fun option is using jute cordage over a vibrant wrapping paper for a designer look.

Use Different Tie Patterns

When you have great wrapping accessories, it never hurts to let them be the highlight of the wrap.  Try getting creative with unusual tie patterns, like zigzagging the ribbon or cordage across the package, or using unusual twisting patterns to make it even more interesting.

Add Embellishments

Every gift wrap shines when you add special embellishments. Things like organza flowers  can be used and grouped creatively for clever designs. Self-stick felt shapes can be used to create a look all your own.

Unique Tags

Make the tag as special and you make the entire gift stand out. One way to do that is by using wooden tags. Wooden tags can be embellished with your personal touches, such as with felt stick-ons, ribbon, or paint and become a lasting keepsake.

Inject your gift with an extra dose of magic by adding extra touches that make it stand out. Ribbons, bows, and embellishments all come in unusual options, or can be used in unusual ways to make them stand out. Check out our full line of options to help you make your gift wrap a canvas for your creativity.