How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter in 6 Steps

Fall is coming, and you’re wondering how to prepare your garden for the winter. Here are six quick tips that will have you sitting pretty next spring!


Yes, plant! Some garden flora does best when it gets a good foothold in the fall. Lettuce, asparagus and poppies are good examples.


Now is the time to feed your garden, especially if you use compost. The nutrients in compost are most accessible to your plants when they have plenty of time to break down.

Clean it up

Dead plant matter can harbor insects and diseases; it should be removed completely or sown under in the fall. If you had problems in your garden this year, such as powdery mildew, remove any affected plants completely.

Soak it down

Plants go dormant when the weather turns cold, but they are still alive and need water. One good soaking late in the fall, and another mid-winter, will give your garden the vital moisture it needs to spring to life next spring.

Drain your hoses

Hoses can burst if they contain water when the weather turns cold. Don’t forget your in-ground sprinklers, either. They need to be drained before the system is capped.

Plan next year!

Winter is the time to dream up spectacular garden plans for next year. You can start a garden diary, dry and label seeds from this season, or sketch out your planting calendar.

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