How to Prep For Overnight Guests this Christmas

The holidays are a time for extended family and friends to reunite. Are you expecting out-of-town guests to stay with you during the upcoming months? Then, it’s time to prep your home for the holidays so your guests feel extra cozy and welcomed. Here’s a checklist to get you started.

Take an Inventory of Your Towels

Weed out the towels that have seen better days and consider splurging on a few new ones so your guests can have fluffy, fresh bath and hand towels. It’s also a good time to take a peek at the bathroom rugs.

Deep Clean the Guest Bedroom

If you don’t use it often, you probably have lingering dust bunnies and stale air in the room. Open a window and grab a broom! The leave a new candle in the room for the guest to light if they want to enjoy a seasonal scent.

Ask About Food

Find out what food allergies or dietary preferences your guests have so you can prepare appropriate meals and have snacks on hand. Is anyone lactose intolerant, following a diabetic diet or eating gluten free?

Create Space for Kids

Will your guests be bringing their families? It might be time to clean up the kids’ playroom or the exercise room and convert it into a temporary bedroom for the littlest guests.

Launder the Guest Bedding

After sheets and comforters sit in a closet for awhile, they can get a little musty. Refresh them with fragrant laundry detergent and dryer sheets. If you need additional bedding, pull out sleeping bags for kids to use.

Offer Easy Activities

Set up a puzzle on an extra table. Place board games on a coffee table in the living room. Arrange a stack of DVDs by the television. Lay out a few current magazines on the end tables.

Deep Clean the Floors

If your guests have babies or small children, the rugs, carpets, and hard floors will become play and sitting areas. If you have a large home, hire professional to tackle this pre-holiday task.

Plan a Holiday Project

Offer to bake and frost cookies with the kids or make homemade Christmas tree ornaments with clay, paint, and beads. These activities are picture-perfect moments that become fond memories.

Prepare the Dinner Table

It’s never too early to get the good tablecloth, centerpiece, and place mats out and ready to be used throughout the holiday season. Don’t forget to use your novelty holiday bakeware and serving dishes too!

Scrub the bathrooms

Before you have a house full of overnight and daytime guests, take time to get rid of toilet bowl rings and cloudy shower doors.

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