How to Personalize Everyday Items with Stickers

Your Photo Stickers You probably know that using stickers is an easy way to brighten up personal items, but did you know it’s also a great way to personalize and organize belongings? Using stickers is a creative and affordable way to make common items stand out from among the rest.

Here are some terrific ways to personalize everyday items with stickers:

In the Office

It’s pretty hard to keep track of things like staplers and scissors in the office. After all, they all look alike. Help keep your desk supplies within reach by making them stand out clearly with stickers.

At School

Take the dull drums out of school by adding fun stickers to notebooks and other school supplies. Using stickers that reflect a style, hobby, or interest help others identify items as their own without having label with a name.  Prominently placed stickers can help keep school supplies from getting mixed up with others and make it a breeze to make sure you have everything you need close at hand.

Stickers to Personalize Items In the Home

Stickers have endless applications in the home for both personalization and organization. Try adding stickers to duplicate toys so that siblings know which one is theirs. Personalize storage drawers and bins with stickers so that toys or clothes go to the appropriate place. Stickers are also perfect for labeling sippy cups without using a child’s name. Using themed stickers to personalize chore or accomplishment charts is another great way of making things easily identifiable.

Whether it’s in the home, school or office, using stickers is a fun and creative way to personalize any item while also adding a little fun. Shop for stickers at Current Catalog for some of the best and brightest!