How to Motivate Kids without Breaking the Bank

owl stickers Chore charts and responsibility tables can go a long way in motivating kids to productively get through their day with a good attitude. Many parents resort to paying for good behavior or – either through cash or gifts.

These rewards are fine in moderation, but we can’t give our children money every time they do something good. So, how can we motivate kids without spending too much money?

It all goes back to the reward behind the physical prize of money or objects. It’s about the recognition – which is often enough for any child.

Children want to be recognized for good behavior and meeting goals, and a simple responsibility chart with fun stickers may be just the way to go. Prominently displaying a chart or table clearly labeled with the goals you want your child to meet can often make all the difference. As your child fills the boxes with fun stickers, they get a sense of pride from their accomplishments. Even better? They get to showcase those accomplishments to the household and visitors.

For example, if you are working on a clean room, for every day that your kid cleans their room, they receive a sticker. If they forget that day, you can replace their sticker with a black X. Trust me, your kids will do anything to prevent a big, black X from showing up on their fun chart!

Make your charts fun with our exciting assortment of stickers. From bugs to fairies, trucks to flowers, we have just what you need to motivate your child on a tight budget.

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