How to Make Your Home Cozy for the Winter

A cozy home is a welcoming one. It invites your guests and family members to sit a spell and to enjoy a few moments of respite and relaxation. A cozy home, in other words, is a sanctuary where you can escape from the stresses of the outside world and cold winter days. The following are a few tips on how to make your home cozy and inviting.

how to make home cozy for the winter candles Candles

Light candles throughout your home. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for real or faux flameless candles. Both will add a warm, old-fashioned glow to your home. Even better are scented candles. Think vanilla, which will make your home smell as if you’re baking, or warm spicy scents. If you are a worrywart, choose faux candles, which have the added benefit of being safe. Many of today’s flameless candles are very realistic and some are scented and will even flicker.

Pillows and Throws

Soft, plush pillows and blankets aren’t just for your bed. Scattered on your couches and chairs, they beckon guests and family members to curl up with a good book or to take a quick nap. The best throws for winter are thick, soft faux fur ones that will ward you against the winter chill.

Unpretentious Furniture

Some styles — such as country, rustic and shabby chic — are more welcoming than others. They have that lived-in look that will make people feel comfortable being in your home. Adding rustic, sturdy-looking decor, such as wrought iron candle holders or pretty bowls in warm woods, will also give guests the feeling they can relax and not have to worry about breaking things in your home.

how to make home cozy for the winter cookiesStart a Fire

Having guests over? Then start a roaring fire in your hearth. Nothing adds cozy warmth to a home than a crackling fire. If you don’t have a fireplace, consider adding a wood-burning stove, which can actually help lower your heating costs. If your building won’t allow a real wood stove, look into an electric version.

Towel Warmer

Hate coming out of the shower on winter mornings because of the cold? Then use a warmer to heat your bath towel to a toasty temperature. Some of these warmers can also be used to warm up your gloves, hats and other small items.

Bake Cookies

Whether you bake from scratch, or simply throw some pre-made dough in the oven, the scent of baking cookies makes any home instantly cozier. Eating cookies and milk or hot chocolate is one of the best combinations ever discovered.

[photo via freefoodphotos]