How to Make a Personalized Calendar

How to Make a Personalized Calendar scrapbookEnsure each month of the year comes with a grin with a personalized calendar. Perhaps you avoided the activity because you weren’t sure how to make a personalized calendar, but creating one has never been easier They work as gifts or for your own home..And you can have gads of fun picking out the photos!

Opt for a Theme

If you’re totally stumped on where to begin, choose one of your favorite photos and develop a theme surrounding it. Maybe a photo of your child or grandchild at the park can blossom into a nature theme. Or an excellent photo of a family birthday paves the way for a party theme calendar.

Go for 12 (or More!) Favorites

Sometimes finding your favorite photo is tough because, well, you have dozens of them! Since you can often add more than a single photo for each month, picking 24 of your favorites is a good place to start. You may find some work better than others once you start the layout process.

Keep ’em High-Res

Before selecting any photo to include in your calendar, make sure the size and resolution is adequate. Teeny photos get blurry when enlarged. And those with a low resolution can look lousy when printed. Photos that have a dots-per-inch count of 300 dpi or above typically work well on the printed page.

Go for Variety

You can vary the photo’s subjects and locations, of course, but you can spice things up even further by choosing some photos in color and others in black and white. Keep the eye entertained with plenty of different images, colors and hues to view.

Dive into the Creation Process

Once you’ve gathered your photos, all you need to do is upload and pop them into a calendar layout tool that has the monthly layout all set. Go for scrapbook personalized calendar layout that works for everyone or a personalized super golf calendar for the golf fans in your life. Either choice is simple, streamlined and can bring on that smile every month of the year.

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