How to Host a Successful Cookie Exchange Party

Next to gifts, what’s the most anticipated tradition of the holiday season? Cookies! A wildly popular girlfriend gathering, a Cookie Exchange Party, lets you swap dozens of delectable delights while you catch up with your favorite friends. Here are our tasty tips to help you host a sweetly successful event.

Step 1: Guest list and invitations

First, make a list of cookie-loving family, friends, or co-workers you want to invite to your party. Then send out invitations with all the information via email, mail, or phone. is a one-stop solution for easy invites with trendy touches.

Step 2: Set the rules

Be informational and communicate the rules. Instruct each invitee to bake one dozen “exchange” cookies per guest (i.e. 10 guests = 10 dozen cookies) plus an extra dozen for party-day sampling. Jot your individual cookie recipe on themed cards to send home with your treats. To make it more festive, how about a holiday theme like Ugly Sweater & Sweets Swap or Santa’s Snacks & Sweets Exchange? You can even dress up those craveable circles o’ love using these Snowmen Cello Bags or present them in these clever boxes to complete the party theme.

Step 3: Game day prep

Before your guests arrive, prepare a large enough space to display all the cookies. Provide separate tables for cookie sampling, take-homes, beverages and other snacks, and serving utensils. Decorate with seasonal flair, add a pop of merry music, and enjoy the perfect recipe for sugar, spice, and everything (naughty or) nice!

Step 4: (Cookie) Crunch Time

As your guests arrive, direct them to the cookie drop-off table, then invite them to snack and sample the day away! If you want to add a fun element of competition to the party, ask each attendee to vote for their favorite recipe, awarding the winner a fun “baker basket” with novelty spatulas, gourmet spices, and such.

However your cookie crumbles, this home-baked holiday gathering is a terrific way to share the sweetest love…baked at 350 degrees.