How to Gift a Bottle of Wine at a Housewarming Party

how to gift wineMoving into a new home is the perfect time to celebrate the transition by throwing a party. As a guest, you may want to bring a small gift such as a bottle of wine, potted plant, or kitchen gadget.

If you’re wondering how to gift a bottle of wine, follow these simple rules:

Put it in a gift bag with a card

Housewarming parties are busy, and you may not have a chance to give the wine to the host directly. Put the bottle in a classy gift bag and include a handwritten note with your congratulations for the new home. That way the recipient is sure to know who the wine came from!

Tell the host it’s to enjoy later

At some types of parties, it’s unclear whether a bottle of wine is meant to be opened and shared with guests, or to be tucked away for another time. Make sure your gift is actually enjoyed by the intended recipient by mentioning that it’s something special to enjoy later. Don’t show up with a chilled bottle of wine because this can confuse the recipient.

How to Choose a Wine

If you’re not sure what type of wine your host enjoys, choose a red in the winter or white in the summer. Select a mid-priced wine to stay appropriate.

Package it with a related gift

You don’t have to give just the bottle of wine. Consider including something else, like a corkscrew, personalized wine glasses, a cork catcher, or a bottle cooler. All of these gifts will last long beyond when the bottle of wine is gone. Check out our selection of wine gifts and order today!