How to Find the Right Photo to Canvas

When looking for the right photo to put on a wall canvas gift, there are a few essential points to keep in mind so that you can truly exhibit the essence of your bequest.

Capture the Spirit of the Occasion – For example, a great Father’s Day gift or Mother’s Day gift might be a photo canvas of the entire family looking sharp. Looking for a holiday gift? Choose a seasonal background and a special photograph that preserves a special moment had during that time. Whatever the occasion, you’re sure to find a suitable wall canvas gift to customize.

Double Check the Background and Lighting – Make sure that your photo meets any pixel or sizing specifications required for application to your selected wall canvas. Ensure that the lighting is adequate for a good resolution onto the canvas, and do take time to make certain that everyone (or everything) in the shot will not be put off or embarrassed to place it on their wall.

The “Almost Just Right” Snapshot – Take advantage of the technology in your own home to craft it into the perfect picture. A scanner and a digital editing program can work wonders with photos, and the possibilities are expansive. For serious edits or restorations, consider using a professional imaging service.

Use Your Heart – If you see a photograph and your heart says, “This is the one,” then go for it! There’s no better instinctual judge when it comes to finding the perfect gift.

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