How to Decorate Your Front Yard for Halloween

How to decorate front yard for halloweenDid you know that Americans spent more than $8 billion on Halloween last year? If you’ve driven around your neighborhood, you probably know where a lot of that money went — into great yard decorations. Maybe, you’ve dragged your feet and you’re now one of the few homes left that doesn’t festoon your yard with spiders and goons during the month of October. If you’ve been hesitating because you’re just not sure how to decorate your front yard, we’ve got a few ideas to get you started:

Start by thinking cute. While some people enjoy decorating their yards with terrifying, realistic looking cadaver-like dummies or motion-detection decorations are designed to scare people, it’s best to remember that your Halloween audience is generally small children. Try to choose cute decorations that will delight, rather than fright the wee ones. A friendly black cat, a smiling pumpkin light, or a friendly ghost will welcome your trick-or-treaters with the right holiday flair.

Items that light up add a festive Halloween spirit to your yard and will also help the young trick-or-treaters navigate their way to your front door on Halloween night. Another way that you can make your yard fun for trick-or-treaters is to use LED lights in your Jack-o-Lanterns rather than old-fashioned candles. these are bright and come in different colors!

After you start decorating, you will quickly realize that it’s actually not hard to figure out how to decorate your front yard for Halloween. Happy decorating!

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