How to Curl a Ribbon Perfectly!

How to Curl a Ribbon PerfectlyEvery gift looks better when adorned with a perfectly curled ribbon. Problem is, the process of getting your beautiful ribbon to curl just so can be a tricky one. Make one misstep, and you’ll find yourself in the midst of a curly disaster! Fortunately, with the right tools and a willingness to give your ribbon a few test runs, you can elicit a lovely curl in no time at all. Read on to learn how to curl a ribbon perfectly!

Find A Household Object For Wrapping

Before you begin to curl your ribbon, you will want to give some thought to how large, exactly, you want the curls to be. This decision may ultimately come down to the size of the gift you’re wrapping. Tightly-coiled spirals work well for smaller presents, while large gifts necessitate larger curls. Once you’ve determine the intended size of the curl, you’ll want to find a cylindrical household object around which you can wrap the ribbon. For smaller spirals, a spoon handle or pencil should do the trick, while larger curls may require rolling pins, umbrella handles or even curling irons (unplugged, of course).

Wrap The Ribbon And Secure The Ends

After you’ve landed on the perfect object for enabling your intended curl size, it’s time to get to business and wrap the ribbon around the chosen tool or appliance. Coil the ribbon tightly around the object until the full length has been used. Secure the ends with a clothespin or small piece of tape so that the coils will not come undone.

Spray The Wrapped Ribbon

If you keep your ribbon coiled around the selected wrapping object long enough, it’ll eventually sport a nice curl. But without the assistance of the right spray product, that curl will unravel far sooner than you’d like. Keep it fresh with the help of a spray starch. Spritz the ribbon thoroughly with the starch and then let it sit until it’s dry. Undo the ribbon and you’ll be greeted by a lovely curl!

Curling a ribbon is far easier than you might suspect. All you need is some ribbon, some stray starch, a cylindrical household object and a little patience — the result will be more than worth the minimal effort!

(Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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