How to Celebrate Friendship Day this August 3rd

Friendship Day

Friends get us through hard times, rejoice in with us in good times, and understand us like no one else can. Friendships are important and since 1919 we have honored that special relationship with its own day—International Friendship Day, celebrated in the US on August 3rd.

Something as treasured as a friendship deserves to be remembered with flair so we’ve collected some fail-proof ways to honor and celebrate those special people in your life.

Get Social

Everyone loves seeing that little red notification on Facebook. Post an old photo of you and your friend or share a simple memory. This small act of kindness takes no time, but will keep your friend smiling all day.

Phone a Friend

If there’s a friend you haven’t spoken with in a long time, give them a ring! Catch up and plan brunch for next weekend.

Send a Card

Simple, affordable, and powerful, greeting cards are one of the best ways to let people know you care. Greeting cards are treasured because not only to they share a special meaning, they are written in the senders own hand and can be treasured forever.

Photo Gifts

Choose a photo from one of your friendship adventures and turn it into a photo gift for Friendship day! It’s easier than ever to have a phone or tablet cover, mug, t-shirt, or bag embellished with a favorite photo to create a one-of-a-kind gift. Feeling really adventurous?  Turn you r favorite photo into a wall cling!

Send a Care Package

Care packages are not just for those at school or living abroad. A care package is for any occasion you want to share your appreciation, and what better occasion than Friendship Day! Fill a package with all of the things your friend loves, whether it is a special brand of coffee, chewing gum, or candy bar and something that will remind them of a fun time you’ve shared and have it arrive just in time for Friendship Day.

Gifts never need to be expensive. They just need to reflect your appreciation for the special relationship you share.

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