Glam Up Your Gifts!

Are you ready for gift wrapping season? Do you  have all your Christmas giftwrap, your gift wrap tools, and all your gift accessories lined up? If you need a little help with how to gift wrap, check out our simple gift wrap tips blog for some assistance. Once you have accumulated all the  Christmas wrapping paper and holiday gift bags you need (don’t forget the tissue paper!), it’s time to think about the accessories, like ribbons and bows, package toppers, gift tags, seals, stickers, and labels.

When it comes to accessories, bows are a wonderful way to add color and texture to your packages. One of the most popular items in Current’s package accessories category are our pull bows. These bows are the perfect giftwrap tools for adding a colorful finishing touch to your Christmas packages. Pull bows are super easy to use and give you a perfect bow every time. Simply hold the tab and pull the ribbon until your bow is perfectly formed; your finished bow will look like it was made by a professional! Here’s a video showing you just how easy it is to use these wonderful gift package accessories.

Do you live for Christmas plaid? Great news; we’ve got a red plaid holiday pull bow set for you! Would you like a little more variety?  Try our holiday red and white pull bows package. Tie all the colors of your holiday giftwrap together using our metallic Christmas pull bows in red, green, gold, silver, and two shades of blue. For a slightly different look, try our butterfly knot pull bows.

GlamIf you want to add some variety to your packages and go beyond the bow this year, consider adding a package topper for some exceptional holiday cheer. Choose from ornaments, festive pom poms, snowmen, or snowflakes for a festive touch. You can also turn to nature for your own variety of package toppers, using pinecones, holly leaves, red berries, and other natural elements to add your own personal touch. If you want to make your Christmas gifts both beautiful and unique, take some time to browse our online store and choose wrapping paper, bows, bags, tissue, toppers, gift tags, ribbon, and paper storage solutions from Current. Happy gift wrapping!