Gingham Style: Summer Picnic Ideas beyond Checkered Picnic Blankets

Summer picnics are often associated with picnic blankets that have checkered red-and-white patterns known as gingham. However, you have many other choices for color schemes such as the patriotic colors of red, white and blue. Choices of colors for summer decorations may also include nearly any bright color.

  • Picnic plates and cups are typically made of plastic and available in a bright range of colors. These items may even be dishwasher safe so you don’t have to throw them away. Another option for picnic serving ware is to place disposable paper plates on top of plastic plate holders for support. Serving bowls shaped like food are also a common sight in summer picnics.
  • Some utensils are unique for summer picnics such as a corn grilling basket, which are essential for cooking corn cobs over an open grill. A quesadilla grill basket performs a similar function by holding the quesadillas in a steel mesh while you cook them. Place BBQ grill mats over an open grill to provide a solid surface for grilling small pieces of vegetables and meat.
  • A summer picnic may also require lighting options so you can continue your picnic after dark. These may include covers for porch lights, which often consist of a bare bulb. String lights can also provide ambient lighting as well as decoration. Night lights can do the same thing by plugging them directly into an electrical outlet.
  • Double walled wineglasses are effective method of keeping wind chill in the summer heat without adding ice. The glass contains a gel that remains cold over a prolonged period.