Gifts Teachers Love and Ones They Don’t

It’s hard to let a teacher know just how much you appreciate the education they provide for your child. Their dedication and commitment means so much that getting them a token of appreciation only seems right. However, there are certain gifts that teachers love more than others, and here’s the insider scoop.

Do Get Personal – Teachers love items like personalized address labels and name stickers so they can tag their books and other classroom supplies that mysteriously disappear. Other excellent gifts for teachers include initialized key chains, holiday ornaments, personalized mouse pads, or a customized calendar complete with special moments captured on film.

Avoid: Large plaques or bulky items. These get overwhelming over the years and often end up in storage. Please, no apples, as in the fruit. Period. Ever.

Useful Classroom Decor – Small plants, such as Current’s Best Teacher Magic Bean Plant, are well received by educators who enjoy bringing a little nature and an educational opportunity into the classroom. Clever bookmarks and inspirational teacher magnets are fun and serve practical purposes.

Avoid: Scented lotions or candles. Many people have allergies or are sensitive to specific scents, so don’t take chances.Teacher's Mug | Current Catalog

Go With What You Know – If you absolutely know that your teacher is a sports fan, chocoholic, movie buff, or caffeine aficionado, buy them an appropriate gift for their taste or hobby.

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