Gifts From Around the World: Christmas Edition

Traditional gifts from around the world can add to the fun and festivities of the Christmas season. If you’re planning to incorporate this idea into your celebrations, it can be especially meaningful to give gifts from your ancestral heritage. These gift ideas and gift-giving customs can become part of your Christmases for years to come.

Christmas Presents from Around the World

  • Ireland. Give your loved one an Aran sweater or Irish jewelry, such as a Claddagh ring.
  • Germany. Woodworking is an age-old craft tradition in Germany. Give a nutcracker, hand-carved wooden ornament or candle arch for Christmas.
  • Ethiopia. Ethiopian tradition includes the giving of simple gifts to children, such as traditional clothing items.
  • Russia. Russian nesting dolls for little ones and tea implements or lacquer boxes make perfect gifts that celebrate Russian Christmas customs.
  • Mexico. A truly traditional gift from Mexico is the Mayan pearl, given while still in the oyster. Tradition says that the color of the pearl determines the type of blessing the recipient will receive, whether it be a blessing for health, prosperity or love.
  • Liechtenstein. Wooden toys, hand-knit sweaters and lambskin slippers are traditional items you’d find at a Liechtenstein Christmas market. Despite being only 42 square miles, this country celebrates the holidays in a big way.
  • Finland. Sauna items and blown glass are typical gifts in Finland. The spa and sauna are places everyone frequents, especially during the long, cold winters.
  • Argentina. On the eve of Three Kings Day, January 6th, Argentinean children set shoes under the tree to be filled with small gifts such as toys and treats.
  • Philippines. The Filipino Christmas season begins in September and lasts until January 6th. Older family members traditionally give children the gift of fresh money.

Embrace Your Family’s History

Embrace your family’s history and teach your children about their roots by celebrating Christmas with gifts from around the world. You can focus on one country or combine customs from several if that suits your family best. Exchanging presents that represent your cultural heritage will expand your world view and enrich your Christmas celebrations. Visit current for more great Christmas gift ideas.

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