Fun Facts About Mother’s Day

Did you know that the oldest woman to give birth was a 65-year old woman from India who had been married and childless for over 50 years? Here are a few other interesting Mother’s Day facts to get you into the spirit!

It’s All About Moms – Neat Facts About Mother’s Day

  1. Anna Jarvis successfully had Mother’s Day officially designated as a holiday in 1914 through a congressional declaration.

  2. Mrs. Jarvis’ disapproval of the holiday’s commercialization caused to her to go to court to thwart it, and she asked that the day be recognized instead as one of prayer and reflection about a mother’s role.

  3. Mother’s Day is the third biggest card-giving day in the US with more than 152 million cards received by mothers annually.

  4. No mom worked harder than Mrs. Vassilyev, a Russian woman who had an amazing 69 children in 27 multiple-birth pregnancies. She is the world’s most prolific mother!

  5. People in the UK began celebrating Mothering Sunday in the 1500’s, and it is held the 4th Sunday of Lent while the US celebrates the holiday on the 2nd Sunday in May. Mom Mother's Day Card | Current Catalog

  6. It seems kids love their moms more than their cash, and they spend an average of $127 on popular Mother’s Day gifts like cards, flowers, dining out, and gift certificates.

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