Fun Cooking: Gadgets that Turn Your Kitchen into a Playroom

Take a creative approach to cooking that can turn everyday meals into something extraordinary! In the day-to-day hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we can sometimes forget how fun cooking can be. Remember when you used to be to help your mother in the kitchen…or make colorful little treats with your easy-bake oven?

Bring this playful spirit back into your cooking with the help of a few entertaining and inexpensive accessories. Vibrant and inviting, the fun kitchen gadgets at Current Catalog bridge the gap between utensils and toys with items that are both functional and fun!

Why dirty your counters or conventional stove-top spoon holder when you can call upon an adorable and bright little barnyard friend to hold your stirring utensil directly over your pot? Why protect leftovers with boring plastic wrap or aluminum foil when you can keep food fresh with lively, polka-dotted bowl covers?

Make life easier and more playful at the same time. Chopping fresh shallots can be a chore, so try cutting them with a pair of colorful herb scissors. Simultaneously split and mix ground meat right in the frying pan with a ChopStir™ Kitchen Utensil that looks more like a toy than a tool.

Current Catalog also features a range of vibrant magnets and personalized mugs that are guaranteed to brighten your kitchen and give it that special homey feel.

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