Fun Alternatives to Candy for your Easter Basket this Year

stickers for easter Waking up on Easter morning to a basket full of candy makes a child’s eyes light up, but it ultimately may not be the best idea. Kids may make themselves sick on all the candy, not only on Easter, but also in the following weeks as they finish the abundance of treats. This year, turn to alternatives to candy for Easter baskets to help avoid the sugar shock while still having a fun holiday.

Temporary tattoos: Choose Easter-themed tattoos for kids to wear on the holiday, or other tattoos that they can enjoy in the following weeks. TV and movie characters are popular, as are more general tattoos of animals and toys.

Money: Stuff Easter eggs with dollar bills so kids can buy their own special toys later. If your pockets aren’t that deep, even pennies and nickels make fun Easter egg fillers.

Stickers: Young kids absolutely love stickers, so cut apart sheets of stickers into strips that you can roll and put into Easter eggs.

Loom bands: Many kids these days are into making projects on the rainbow loom, which requires lots of tiny colored rubber bands. Get a large set of loom bands and put a different color of bands in each egg.

Personalized Pencils:  From solid colors to prints, smiley faces to unicorns, kids of all ages will love finding their own personalized pencils in their Easter baskets this year.

Jewelry: Small pieces of jewelry, like rings, bracelets, and necklaces, all make ideal prizes to put in a girl’s Easter basket. Another idea is to get a charm bracelet and tuck a different charm into each egg.

Small toys: Any toy that will fit into an Easter egg makes a great gift for Easter baskets. Consider getting toy cars, action figures, tiny dolls, balls, and other small toys for kids.

Say no to the Easter sugar rush this year with creative alternatives to candy. These Easter basket gift ideas will help you put together baskets that kids are likely to enjoy even more than baskets of candy!