Fourth of July May Be On A Thursday, But We Still Celebrate!

Talk about a bummer — Independence Day does not take place on a weekend this year! Some lucky ducks have managed to finagle their way out of work obligations for the 5th, but the rest of us will just have to make do.

Fortunately, even with the prospect of going into work the next day, it’s still possible to throw a great Fourth of July party. You just might have to start the festivities a little earlier so as to have plenty of time to rest up before heading back into the office the next day.

Grill Out For Lunch
Nobody wants to deal with an extensive Fourth of July party cleanup late at night and then wake up a few hours later to go to work. Get it all out of the way around noon with a nice lunchtime party. Throw some brats on the grill and deck out your table with patriotic dishware and Uncle Sam salt and pepper shakers. Then, when the fireworks end, you can go straight to bed for some much needed shut-eye.

Send Freedom Thank You Notes
Would you prefer to keep your Independence Day a little low key? Why not set aside some time to write a few thank you notes to both veterans and currently enlisted members of the military? They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Throwing a great Fourth of July bash is easy if you have the right supplies and people!

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